5 Strategies To Improve Your Website Header
April 12, 2018

5 Strategies To Improve Your Website Header

Do not include links to pages with very little traffic in your main navigation.

  • Put your most important links at the front of the list and least important links in the middle.
  • Strive to use seven or fewer links in your main navigation.
  • Users don’t like dropdowns because they have to stop and think about how to use your dropdown and where to click.

  • Dropdowns can confuse search engines.
  • Links to important pages often become buried.
  • It’s much easier for a user to peruse a list of links grouped under headings than to make sense of dropdown options or navigate small links in a header.

  • Users are far more likely to click on a link if that link is situated within the content area of your site instead of in the header. Promotional links in particular are great candidates for contextual linking.
  • Concerned that users will have trouble finding things mentioned on your broadcast? Dedicate a page to links mentioned on-air and link to that page in your header.
  • #5 Use SEO-Friendly Linking Text Rather Than Branding Terms

    GTxcel for Broadcast.