Resolve Therapeutics publishes results of RSLV-132 Phase 2 long COVID study
May 13, 2024

Resolve Therapeutics publishes results of RSLV-132 Phase 2 long COVID study

Resolve Therapeutics, a mid-stage clinical development company pioneering transformative therapies for autoimmune and post-viral illnesses, has announced the publication of its Phase 2 long COVID results in Clinical Infectious Diseases. The publication entitled “Assessment of the Impact of RNase in Patients with Severe Fatigue Related to Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 Infection (PASC): A randomized phase 2 trial of RSLV-132” evaluated the impact of RNase in one hundred and eight patients diagnosed with COVID-19 at least 6 months prior to baseline and with a history of continuous, severe fatigue. Participants received 6 doses of RSLV-132 or placebo over two months. The study measured fatigue and overall disease activity using the PROMIS SF 10a, FACIT-Fatigue, and physician’s global assessment.

Approximately 18 million Americans suffer the debilitating effects of long COVID. The most common symptoms are extreme fatigue, brain fog, immune dysregulation and depression or anxiety. Despite the large unmet medical need A recent editorial in The Lancet identified only 12 pharmacological interventional clinical trials in development. Thus, very little progress has been made towards identifying drugs to treat the cardinal symptoms of long COVID. RSLV-132 has demonstrated significant clinical activity in improving autoimmune-related fatigue in Sjogren’s syndrome. Results from the current long COVID Phase 2 study suggest patients suffering from long COVID may also benefit from the removal of circulating RNA.

“We are encouraged by the potential for RSLV-132 to improve the debilitating fatigue suffered by so many long COVID patients” commented Dr. James Posada chief executive officer of Resolve Therapeutics. “Interestingly, our data further suggests that women may respond better to RSLV-132 and digestion of latent viral RNA than men” added Dr. Posada.

About RSLV-132
RSLV-132 is a non-immunosuppressive, biologic drug comprised of catalytically active human RNase1 fused to the Fc region of human IgG1. It is designed to remain in serum circulation and digest extracellular pathogenic RNA. RNA is the primary trigger of interferon and cytokine production that drives chronic inflammation in diseases such as SLE, Sjogren’s. Recent studies suggest that RNA may play a role in post-viral illnesses such as PASC and ME/CFS as well. Therefore, removing it from circulation may decrease inflammation and improve the symptoms associated with these diseases.

About Resolve Therapeutics
Resolve is a private biotech company pioneering a transformative approach to autoimmune and post-viral diseases. The company is leveraging the extensive body of scientific discoveries that demonstrate the central role of pathogenic RNA molecules, weather self-derived or from viral sources, in driving inflammatory and neuroinflammatory symptoms. Resolve is actively developing RSLV-132 in mid-stage clinical development programs icluding SLE, Sjogren’s syndrome, and post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC). For more information please visit:

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