Phase Four partners with Redwire to expand space propulsion offerings and deliver Hall Effect Thrusters
July 9, 2024

Phase Four partners with Redwire to expand space propulsion offerings and deliver Hall Effect Thrusters

Phase Four, a leading provider of next generation electric propulsion solutions for satellites, proudly announces the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Redwire Space (Redwire). This partnership aims to build and deliver Hall Effect Thrusters (HETs) to both government and commercial markets, enhancing the company’s capabilities and expanding our product offerings.

Based on the NASA-designed and tested H71M Hall Effect Thruster, the two companies will manufacture a family of propulsion systems spanning a range of input power and propellants. Dubbed the “Valkyrie System”, Phase Four and Redwire will provide new solutions and more choice to a very under-supplied market. The Valkyrie system will have multiple desired features, including being re-programmable post launch; provide multiple set-points such that satellite operators can optimize based on their mission requirements; and share extensive telemetry, allowing operators to extend satellite life expectancy and manage fuel consumption.

The addition of a Hall Effect Thrusters product line is the natural next step in expanding Phase Four’s in-space propulsion offerings, which already includes the proprietary radio-frequency Maxwell product line; air-breathing, very low-earth orbit propulsion systems; and propellant-agnostic multi-mode systems. In addition to an expanding hardware product line, Phase Four also offers its in-space propulsion services, including propulsion planning and consultation work; propellant acquisition and logistics services; leak and pressure testing; and fill operations.

Steve Kiser, CEO of Phase Four, noted “Partnering with Redwire marks a significant milestone for Phase Four. This collaboration aligns with our mission to innovate and deliver high-performance propulsion solutions for government and commercial customers, with a particular focus on Space Development Agency missions. We are excited to integrate our design talent and product technologies with Redwire’s extensive and broad space expertise to enhance the future of space exploration.”

“We are excited to partner with Phase Four to deliver optimal in-space propulsion technology that is critical across many of today’s national security programs,” said Redwire’s President of Space Systems Adam Biskner. “Leveraging both company’s expertise, this partnership will address the challenges faced by the propulsion supply chain and help support reliable and high value production for the market.”

This agreement reflects both companies’ view that the market for such thrusters will continue to be robust for the foreseeable future. Combining Phase Four’s technical prowess in the in-space propulsion area with Redwire’s overall command of the space system market creates a stable and reliable domestic supplier for a range of high-quality Hall Effect Thrusters. For product specifications and more, please visit

About Phase Four
Phase Four is a disruptive provider of next generation in-space electric propulsion (EP) solutions. The company was founded in 2015 to address the demands of the rapid proliferation of satellite constellations and to accelerate the advancement of its radio-frequency thruster (RFT). Phase Four is now a full-spectrum in-space electric propulsion provider of both hardware and services, teaming with a variety of constellation operators and satellite bus manufacturers to optimize mission effectiveness and control costs through creative exploration of propulsion solutions. Learn more at

About Redwire
Redwire Corporation (NYSE: RDW) is a global space infrastructure and innovation company enabling civil, commercial, and national security programs. Redwire’s proven and reliable capabilities include avionics, sensors, power solutions, critical structures, mechanisms, radio frequency systems, platforms, missions, and microgravity payloads. Redwire combines decades of flight heritage and proven experience with an agile and innovative culture. Redwire’s approximately 700 employees working from 14 facilities located throughout the United States and Europe are committed to building a bold future in space for humanity, pushing the envelope of discovery and science while creating a better world on Earth. For more information, please visit

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