Caringo Drive: An Easy Button for Swarm
November 28, 2017

Caringo Drive: An Easy Button for Swarm

Caringo DriveAt Caringo, our content-aware strategy for scale-out storage continues to be a key driver for us. Offering a storage environment that is content aware means going beyond the typical administrative tools that manage hardware resources and monitor the performance of the underlying system. Our tools allow data scientists to visualize the relationships across objects, search and create collections on object metadata data  (watch this on-demand webinar to learn more), as well as raise the bar on universal access via a single namespace.

Until today, this access was through our web-based content portal, NFS or programmatically for devops. With the launch of Caringo Drive, our customers can now manage the content on their Swarm clusters directly via their macOS® and Windows® personal computers (PCs). Caringo Drive acts just like a USB drive plugged into your computer with limitless storage enabled by Swarm. This makes it easy to open, edit, and save files to Swarm from any application on your computer.

Once Caringo Drive is installed on macOS and Windows systems, you have convenient access and can easily drag and drop files to Swarm with background parallel transfer. Caringo Drive’s multi-threaded connection engine is up to 500 times faster than single-threaded connections. Transfers are moved into the background so you can keep working without having to wait for transfers to complete. Administrators can assign Swarm buckets for each virtual drive, setting storage capacity and access limits. Usage can be viewed from the Swarm control panel or programmatically accessed via the Swarm API.

Caringo Drive is available now, so get yourself an Easy button today. For more information, download the Caringo Drive product brief. If you are already a Swarm customer, contact your rep today for more information.

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