Countdown: 17 Object Storage Hits of 2017
December 26, 2017

Countdown: 17 Object Storage Hits of 2017

2017 is winding down fast, and we have seen many changes in the object storage landscape over the past year. From conversations we have had with many of you at shows like NAB and SC17, we’ve learned that there is now a much broader understanding of object storage and the many benefits that it brings for organizations across verticals and industries. So, without further ado, here is a list of the object storage educational content that generated the most interest in 2017!


Blogs stole the show in 2017. The blog readership reflected the thirst for knowledge about object storage technology, the popularity of cloud and hybrid storage, increased concern about protecting data and a desire to understand what lies ahead for data storage. In order of popularity:


Webinars continue to be well attended and also watched on demand after the live events. Our most-viewed webinar in 2017 is actually the same as 2016: NAS vs. Object Storage with Storage Switzerland. The NAS vs. Object Storage dilemma is still top of mind, and storage architects are increasingly more inclined to add an object store to their designs to reduce overall storage TCO and enhance data protection. In addition, these new 2017 webinars were popular:

Top 3 Product Briefs

Straightforward information about products and their benefits resounded with our readers this year as they endeavored to more deeply understand object storage technology and the differences that set Caringo apart from the pack.

Last but Not Least

Rounding out the top 17, the TechGenix Review of FileFly 2.0 by IT pro Brien Posey who awarded it a Gold Star (4.9 of 5 stars). Posey noted the simplicity and ease of use that FileFly brings and commended the product for reducing costs by dynamically moving stale data from primary storage to cost-effective object storage.

Thanks for once again counting down the hits with us. Happy holidays from the entire Caringo team!

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