FileFly Recognized, Windows Server & NetApp Filer Problems Solved
January 24, 2018

FileFly Recognized, Windows Server & NetApp Filer Problems Solved

FileFly NominationLast week, SearchStorage announced the 2017 Storage Products of the Year and we are honored that FileFly is a finalist in the Data Storage Management category! Since 2015, FileFly has been leveraged by organizations of all sizes to simplify the consolidation of data from NetApp Filers and Windows Servers to Swarm object storage without modifications to their existing applications. FileFly enables customers to scale storage to multiple petabytes and trillions of files and optimize filers while driving down total cost of ownership and acquisition. This means that our customers can take advantage of today’s cloud-like storage infrastructure with no application changes while retaining transparent end-user file access. With the automated tiering from Windows Servers and NetApp File Servers enabled by FileFly, customers reap the benefits of Caringo Swarm object storage including:

  • Granular scale from TBs to PBs on choice of hardware
  • Self-healing with continuous health checks
  • Industry-leading 95% capacity utilization
  • Replication, HA and compliance features built in
  • Integrated search & secure access over the web

Earlier in 2017, FileFly was awarded a Gold Star award by Techgenix. In his review of FileFly, Brien Posey sums up the value that users get succinctly:

“FileFly has simplified object storage migrations to the point that they can be configured and managed by a Windows administrator who does not have any specialized storage training beyond knowing how to work with the Windows file system. The configuration takes minutes to complete, requires minimal ongoing maintenance, and yet has the potential to greatly reduce an organization’s primary storage costs.”

Most importantly, FileFly has been recognized by our customers who use the product. They appreciate that we’ve listened to their requests and have integrated major features in FileFly 2.0 including support for Microsoft DFSR and ReFS. We take great pride in developing technology that solves pressing storage issues for our customers, and deeply appreciate when those products are recognized by press and analysts. We look forward to continuing to provide innovative products and serving our customers in 2018 and beyond!

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