Five facts you need to know about GTxcel for Broadcast
March 5, 2018

Five facts you need to know about GTxcel for Broadcast

1. Designed from the ground up with broadcasters in mind.

Our product team is laser focused on broadcasters.
We understand newsrooms, ad traffickers, integrators, strategists and how they all come together to make an industry leading website.

2. From OTT to Facebook Instant Articles, sharing content is simple.

The Unified Publishing Platform stores your content separate from the display, so that it can be easily shared with other platforms or between sites.

3. Editorial workflow makes it easy to populate content to desktop, mobile and app.

Our architecture means that your editors publish one article and it appears everywhere with the push of one button.

4. DFP ads are integrated into all features and platforms for a one-stop trafficking experience

Our DFP ad trafficking team can help you maximize all the opportunities built into the platfrom, including IAB ads, video and native advertising.

5. The GTxcel for Broadcast team has deep roots in the local TV world. We are ready to work with you!

Our teams have leaders with decades of experience working with local newsrooms. We speak your language and are ready to help!


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