GTxcel Announces Upgraded Turnstyle Platform
May 9, 2019

GTxcel Announces Upgraded Turnstyle Platform

GTxcel is excited to announce the release of the next generation of Turnstyle. Our upgraded publishing platform combines automation and design control to create a completely responsive digital edition in just hours.

Provide your readers with a superior user experience across devices and screen sizes – while you open the door to new monetization opportunities for all your digital entities.

Manage your digital editions from initial PDF to responsive publishing

  • Upload your content in PDF or HTML format
  • Proof and edit your digital edition (add custom links, edit articles, add multimedia, etc.)
  • Place interstitial ads with simple drag and drop
  • Publish your editions to web and app
  • Access your analytics

Increase discoverability of digital issues

Turnstyle features a main page with direct access to your current edition with your library of past issues.

  • Completely responsive
  • Features current edition as well as library of past editions
  • Increases discoverability of digital issues

Library of standard templates

Your content now benefits from standard templates that look better and function more responsively. We’ve upgraded our Turnstyle workflow, making publishing from PDF to responsive easier than ever, all with custom options at your fingertips.

  • Benefit from responsive design
  • Custom options
  • Choose the best template to apply to each article
  • Make your content interactive with links, image galleries and video
  • Monetize your digital edition with easy advertising integration


Advertisers and publishers can work in harmony with replica editions. The replica edition is available for readers who prefer the original publication layout, while at the same time allowing advertiser space to carry over to digital.

  • Submit a single PDF for both responsive and replica editions
  • Preserve print advertising 

Updated advertising options

We recently announced our exciting new partnership with Google DFP, opening up a world of advertising opportunities for our customers. Monetize your digital editions with upgraded advertising opportunities, including integration with the DFP ad server. 

  • Extract both full page and fractional ads from PDF
  • Full range of monetization services

Upgraded analytics

You asked and we answered: dig deeper into your data for more customized reports. GTxcel analytics powered by Mixpanel now provide customers with specific analytical breakdowns.

Push notifications

Keep your app readers engaged with push notifications – take advantage of standard and custom messaging.

  • Alert subscribers to availability of new issues
  • Highlight special features and promotions

Dedicated support team

As always, Turnstyle comes with a dedicated support team that takes the headache out of publishing digitally.

  • Coordination of digital conversion of magazine
  • Training on system & publisher dashboard
  • Technical questions & assistance
  • Assignment of templates to articles
  • DFP ad support
  • Publishing to live

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