Hot on HPC: Webinar, ISC2018 and SC18
June 7, 2018

Hot on HPC: Webinar, ISC2018 and SC18

Caringo and Boston LogosThe official start of summer may be June 21, but the weather in Austin is already sweltering at 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the hot topic at Caringo headquarters is high-performance computing (HPC) as our Product and Engineering teams continue to develop new features for our field-hardened products and the Marketing and Sales teams get ready for ISC2018 in Frankfurt later this month and SC18 in Dallas this November.

In many HPC use cases, data sets are increasing exponentially and the variety of items stored is staggering. From variable file sizes and the need to support collaboration from multiple sites and applications, traditional storage solutions are quickly becoming obsolete as object-based storage solutions replace them or augment their capacity.

To address these challenges, we’ve partnered with Boston Servers | Storage | Solutions Limiteds.  As a leading system integrator, Boston focuses on delivering high-quality, reliable systems using the latest technologies available—and that includes our Caringo Swarm Hassle-Free, Limitless Storage Software.

These solutions are not just casually thrown together. Boston labs meticulously tests and evaluates all the latest HPC technologies to ensure their solutions utilise the most innovative and effective technologies on the market. Boston has chosen to work with Caringo on a number of large projects where they need massively scalable storage software that turns standard server hardware into a limitless pool of data resources that eliminates data silos and delivers continuous protection, multi-tenancy and metering for chargebacks. (Learn more by visiting our HPC Solutions Page on

On our next webinar, we will be featuring Konstantinos Mouzakitis, Senior HPC Systems Engineer at Boston, and Caringo Object Storage Solutions Architect Alex Oldfield. Having worked together on a number of implementations, these two seasoned engineers are joining forces in this educational webinar to explain the benefits of using object storage in various HPC use cases. In addition, they will  take your questions live on June 12 at 8 AM PT/11 AM EDT/3 PM GMT/4PM BST. Register now to watch the webinar live or on demand after the event.

Both companies will also be exhibiting at ISC High Performance in Frankfurt June 24–27. ISC is the world’s oldest and Europe’s foremost HPC conference. Caringo will be at Stand K-413 and Boston at Stand C-1232. Our companies will be co-sponsoring happy hour at the Caringo stand June 25 at 4pm and June 26 and 27 at 3 pm. We hope to see you there.

And, make sure you have SC18 on your calendar and meet us in Dallas, Texas! We will be driving our trucks up from Austin, TX to meet you and bringing in object storage experts to help you architect the future of your storage over a nice, cold beer!

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