How the Customer Advisory Board helps us create a better product
June 1, 2018

How the Customer Advisory Board helps us create a better product

Who knows the most about a day in the life of a local TV newsroom’s digital team? Our customers, of course! That’s why GTxcel is leveraging our customers’ experiences and insights to align our product roadmap for success.

On a quarterly basis, the GTxcel Broadcast Team joins forces with a variety of representatives from our most innovative Broadcasters to form the Customer Advisory Board. We encourage CAB members to advocate for features and functions that are important to them. We listen intently to the problems our CAB members face and take them back to our Product Team to formulate solutions. These solutions help us build our product roadmap.

For instance, GTxcel introduced the idea of expanding our analytics tracking to include alert engagement in a recent meeting. Our CAB members explained how engagement statistics would help them tell a better story about why and how alerts increase engagement. GTxcel used that feedback to create the first iteration of the alert engagement dashboard in our GTxcel Analytics platform. Now, our Broadcasters are making more informed decisions about when to send alerts to increase engagement.

We also rely on our CAB members to keep us informed about upcoming changes in the broadcast marketplace. For example, when OTT became an industry buzzword, GTxcel answered by refactoring existing technologies to create the TEYO Delivery Engine, which will allow video content to be shared to OTT apps. Knowing what is coming down the pipeline helps us to prepare for any future requirements our Broadcasters need.

We expect to see increased satisfaction with product features as we align our product roadmap with customer needs. It’s important that customers share their product experiences so GTxcel can react to real-world needs and plan in a meaningful and productive way. This is our way of ensuring the GTxcel product plan best serves modern Broadcasters.