Information Governance in the Cloud Age
May 8, 2018

Information Governance in the Cloud Age

Information Governance in the Cloud Age GraphicThe value of the cloud and mobile devices is undeniable. The elastic resources provided and the ability to create and access data from any location has changed society. However, as with any disruptive technological movement, it presents new challenges. Privacy concerns run rampant and laws and regulations that have struggled to keep up are now being retrofitted to existing workflows—testing the limits of most information governance and IT execs. Unless you have been avoiding email, you have undoubtedly received a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance request of some sort. Why? Because penalty fees for non-compliance can go all the way up to $20M euros! So, how do you enable information governance in the cloud age?

This is a topic we are going to explore in our upcoming webinar titled Enabling Information Governance for Rapidly Scaling Data Sets. Our presentation will focus on solving 3 pain points:

  1. Where is the sensitive information?
  2. Who owns it?
  3. How do we protect the organization for its data?

In collaboration with our longtime partner and customer NetGovern (formerly Netmail), we will present a high-level framework to help you develop your information governance approach. In addition, we will show how NetGovern integrates Caringo Swarm, leveraging our secure software appliance in a way that is completely transparent to administrators and end users.

Expect this webinar to be a bit different from some of our more technical webinars. Jacques Sauvé, Information Governance Professional (IGP) and Director Partner Enablement at NetGovern, and I will focus on helping any executive new to information governance understand the steps in electronic discovery and the importance of providing a secure archive. We hope you can join us live on May 17 at 10 AM Pacific so that you have the chance to ask questions.

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The webinar will also be available on demand shortly after the broadcast.

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