NAB Las Vegas: Don’t Gamble with Your Storage
February 27, 2018

NAB Las Vegas: Don’t Gamble with Your Storage

NAB, Don't Gamble with StorageAre you a gambler by nature? What risks are you willing to take? As we prepare for the NAB Show in Las Vegas` (April 9–12; booth SL11807), I cannot help but think about how high the stakes are when you select storage technology. No matter the industry, nature of your organization or type of data, not having the right storage solution is risky business. You could jeopardize your content, company earnings and your organization’s reputation if data is not properly secured and cannot be accessed when needed.

Media & Entertainment (M&E) IT professionals from Studios, Production Houses, Broadcasters and Service Providers at the NAB Show will be looking to optimize storage and access at every stage of the digital asset lifecycle—from production to delivery to long-term preservation. We are committed to making certain they can store what they need, ensure media integrity and keep assets online and accessible for reuse and monetization. To help M&E IT professionals understand how Caringo’s object storage technologies work, we will have live demos of our products and technology integrations. For example:

  • Integration with leading Asset Managers and Tiering solutions from Pixit Media, Levels Beyond, and Marquis (among others) so you can experience how easy it is to combine Swarm S3-compliant storage as a limitless target for nearline storage & archive with high-performance storage for production purposes.
  • Video streaming from the storage layer: The native interface to Swarm is based on HTTP, so you can stream content directly from storage enabling origin storage, video-on-demand and OTT infrastructure use cases.
  • Universal Access: Keeping content online and accessible from any application is quickly becoming a requirement. Caringo will be demonstrating mobile and web-browser access to all content directly from the storage layer.

When Caringo was founded in 2005, it was with the goal of changing the economics of storage. Caringo solutions give you many of the benefits of the cloud without actually sending your data to the cloud. You can easily scale to Petabytes of data on S3-compliant storage, and you can keep it in your own data center on the hardware of your choice or opt for a hybrid cloud solution.

Since Caringo Swarm gives you automated protection without RAID, instant access over HTTP, S3 or NFS, and the ability to use policies to optimize data center footprint and integrated search result, you can reduce overall storage TCO up to 75%. And, you can do this while ensuring that you, your colleagues and your viewers can always securely access content. And, with continuous built-in data protection, your odds of sleeping well at night improve dramatically.

If you are in the Las Vegas area and would like a free pass to the NAB Show Expo, we invite you to use our discount code (LV8799; valid until March 2, 2018).

NAB Pass Graphic

Join us for happy hour Monday and Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. as we tap a keg of local brew. You can meet with our object storage engineers, executives, sales and marketing teams to learn more about how we help customers solve issues with unbridled data growth.

You can also find us at the JB&A Pre-NAB Show Technology Event April 7–8 at the SLS Las Vegas—a must-stop on everyone’s NAB itinerary for a jump-start on the new technologies you’ll see on the NAB Show floor.

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