No Meltdown with Swarm Object Storage
January 10, 2018

No Meltdown with Swarm Object Storage

No Meltdown with SwarmWARNING: Meltdown and Spectre Affect your Object Storage (Unless it’s Swarm)

Good news to users of Caringo Swarm, our pure object storage system. Swarm storage nodes are NOT, let me say again, NOT susceptible to Meltdown or Spectre security attacks.

Meltdown is a hardware vulnerability affecting Intel x86 microprocessors that allows a rogue process to read any kernel memory, regardless of whether it should be able to do so. Spectre is a vulnerability that forces programs on a user’s operating system to access an arbitrary location in the program’s memory space. Spectre and Meltdown attacks are dependent on the ability to run malicious code directly on the target system. This affects a wide range of systems, including all devices running Linux.

Other object storage systems that run as applications on top of Linux (i.e., Scality RING, SwiftStack, Ceph and ECS) are not immune. They currently are and have been susceptible to these exploits for some time, and they will continue to be vulnerable until patches become available and are installed. And for some, it may entail a tedious exercise to update each and every node in the storage environment.

No Meltdown Here!

As a complete software appliance that boots from bare metal, our Swarm storage operating system was designed in such a way that malicious code cannot run on our storage nodes. We take protecting your data seriously and it is something that we have built in into our system. To understand more about how Swarm protects your data, check out these whitepapers:

If you have questions or want to learn how you can integrate Swarm object storage into your existing infrastructure and take advantage of our continuous built in data protection, contact us.

Another resource for understanding object storage is our new monthly “TechTuesday” webinars Join me and John Bell, Caringo Sr. Consultant, on January 23 for How Does Object Storage Fit into Your IT infrastructure?

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