Object Storage: 3 Predictions for 2018
January 30, 2018

Object Storage: 3 Predictions for 2018

Predictions 20182017 was a turning point for object storage. Ever since content addressable or key-value based storage was created, storage analysts and IT execs wondered if it was a technology in search of a problem to solve. Was it really just a “better mousetrap?”

As we enter into 2018, there are a number of trends in storage, access, analysis and regulations that will drive the adoption of object storage proving that it is indeed a better mousetrap and much more, serving as the foundation to any content-driven need. For the Zetabytes of data on the horizon, it’s not just about the “application” and its needs anymore (speeds, feeds and file locking). It’s about the end-user (human or machine), and convenient and instant access to content for analysis, reuse or to protect privacy. Here are my predictions for 2018.

Prediction 1: The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Will Take IT Execs by Surprise and More Major Breaches Will Occur

In today’s digital world, it should come as no surprise that ransomware and major security breaches will continue to occur. Lawmakers around the world will continue to pass legislation like GDPR in response. In 2018, compliance with GDPR and the need to respond to secure data breaches will take IT execs by surprise offering an opportunity for those in the data management and storage space to provide technologies that can quickly identify personal and sensitive data stored.

Prediction 2: The Metadata Deluge Driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and IoT Will Accelerate

As AI, ML and IoT applications continue to become part of the mainstream, the data about interaction, analysis and consumer behavior will increase exponentially. Storage technologies that integrate NoSQL search will help by enabling organizations to capture everything they want, without defining a schema for future, but yet-to-be-defined use.

Predication 3: Major Brands Will Continue to Move Off of AWS as Amazon Continues to Dominate Many Industries

While S3 is seen by many as a de facto API for internet accessible storage, there will be more popular brands in the brick and mortar, M&E and web application space moving off of AWS. The benefit that AWS brought by streamlining operations and reducing time to market will be overshadowed by the threat other Amazon business units represent to many organizations’ primary business. This will not impact AWS’s overall growth, but I predict some highly visible migrations to Azure and a move by some to bring the most strategic operations and near-line archives in-house.

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