Object Storage Basics for 2018
January 9, 2018

Object Storage Basics for 2018

Object Storage Basics 2018As object storage continues to evolve, 2017 saw S3 emerge as the de facto standard object-based access protocol with NFS access to object storage still in high demand. While a standardized HTTP-based protocol to object storage is easy to understand given its cloud-based roots, traditional file-based access methods to object storage are not taking a back seat. The biggest reason for this is the desire of most IT groups to consolidate and simplify their infrastructure. While several object storage vendors offer file-based access protocols—including Caringo—each access method has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you need a primer on the underlying differences between Block, File, and Object storage, take a look at our Back to Basics: What is Object Storage blog.

The object storage key-value addressing scheme is great for seamless and easy scalability of the storage infrastructure, however, file-based access to that same object store is not as straightforward. Recognizing this, we decided to take a different approach to NFS access to the object storage infrastructure rather than use the traditional FUSE/Samba gateway solutions that require heavyweight servers and resilient local disk caches. With SwarmNFS, we provide native NFSv4 throughput and a true universal address space that eliminates all caching and spooling for the most cost- and resource-efficient way to enable economical data distribution, management and universal access between files and objects at scale.

This enables IT organizations to benefit from a limitless pool of scale-out storage with built-in data protection, high availability, easy distribution, search, and the ability to organize data in a variety of ways (including using traditional hierarchy, buckets, or leveraging metadata using common attributes or properties).

As we kick off the new year, we remain committed to helping our customers succeed. To that end, we want to continue to offer opportunities to help you better understand object storage technology and the many benefits that it brings to you.

Join us on our BrightTALK channel in 2018, where we will delve into the basics of object storage, talk about object storage for developers, and share customer success stories with organizations that have adopted object storage.

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We’ve added a monthly “TechTuesday” webinar to our schedule to bring you educational content featuring our object storage experts. To kick off the year, I’ll be hosting John Bell, Caringo Sr. Consultant, on January 23 for How Does Object Storage Fit into Your IT infrastructure? You can register to watch live at 11 am PT/1 pm ET or on demand after the event.

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