Public safety a driver in DAS deployments
January 4, 2018

Public safety a driver in DAS deployments

In addition to support for mission critical communications, DAS creates long-term value for commercial real estate owners.

Public safety is a major priority in telecommunications and government sectors right now. All 50 states recently opted-in to AT&T’s FirstNet, a $40 billion, nationwide LTE network dedicated to first responders, and major venue and enterprise facility owners around the world are upgrading in-building cellular systems to better support police, firefighters, EMTs and other public safety officials.

In Melbourne, Australia, nine Protective Services Officers (PSO) surveillance offices co-located with Metro Trains Melbourne rail stations were recently connected with a digital distributed antenna system (DAS) provided by Dali Wireless, which worked through the project with VicTrack, the company that owns the railroad service.

The Dali DAS now provides public safety communications in what officials previously called “black-spots.” VicTrack Telecommunications GROUP General Manager Bruce Moore called passenger safety a “high priority” item. “That’s why we’re working to support the deployment of Protective Services Officers across metropolitan stations by upgrading their two-way radio technology. VicTrack will continue to work with government partners and the private telecommunications sector to ensure commuter safety concerns are addressed.”

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