Repeated Signal Solutions, Inc. and Avari Wireless Inc. announce Enhanced ERCES Monitoring
December 14, 2023

Repeated Signal Solutions, Inc. and Avari Wireless Inc. announce Enhanced ERCES Monitoring

Repeated Signal Solutions, Inc. (RSS) and Avari Wireless Inc. have announced the launch of Enhanced ERCES Monitoring™.  Enhanced ERCES Monitoring™ is a new service that allows building owners to monitor their First Responder (ERCES) radio systems remotely with the same level of visibility as required by the NFPA code.

“Enhanced ERCES Monitoring™ allows building owners to have visibility into the operating conditions of their building’s ERCES radio system.  ERCES communication systems are critical to support emergency responders inside buildings in difficult situations.  Enhanced ERCES Monitoring™ helps keep these systems operable and working when needed most by our first responders,” says Pete Bohley, President of RSS. “We are very excited about the joint Enhanced ERCES Monitoring™ service as it greatly enhances Avari’s high availability solutions for mission critical first responder in-building networks,” says Andrew Leung, CEO of Avari Wireless.

RSS and Avari have launched the Enhanced ERCES Monitoring™ service at a major airport in the US.  This service will allow the airport to stay on top of their ERCES system and notify the stakeholders upon system alarm.  The airport will be able to trend the system data and watch statistics to proactively address any foreseen issues.

This new service provides the following benefits to building owners:

Proactively monitor your ERCES system to ensure compliance with local regulations
Avoid fines/penalties associated with improper system operation
Detect early signs of trouble by receiving real-time notifications

RSS and Avari currently offer this service to their joint customers on an annual basis.  Owners can choose the service level/response time that meets their business needs.

For more information about the Enhanced ERCES Monitoring™ please contact  Learn more at and

Repeated Signal Solutions, Inc. is an industry leader in the design, development and operations of cellular and ERCES coverage solutions.   Based in Southern California, RSS has deployed systems across the country for stadiums, airport, hospitals and other large venues since 2004.

Avari Wireless is a global leader in public safety, in-building wireless communication systems that designs and manufactures public safety (PS) Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement Systems (ERCES). Avari’s innovative DAS solutions enable emergency responders to communicate indoors during emergencies.

Repeated Signal Solutions Media Contact:
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Avari Wireless Media Contact:
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