Resolve Therapeutics publishes positive Sjogren’s syndrome clinical trial results
December 3, 2020

Resolve Therapeutics publishes positive Sjogren’s syndrome clinical trial results

Resolve Therapeutics, pioneering first-in-class, targeted, safe therapies for underserved autoimmune diseases, today announced publication of results from its Phase 2 study of RSLV-132 for the treatment of primary Sjogren’s syndrome (pSS).  The work was published in the leading rheumatology journal, Arthritis and Rheumatology (  The Phase 2 study demonstrated a clinically meaningful improvement in four separate, independent, validated measures of fatigue in the RSLV-132 group, but not the placebo group.

“Up to 75% of pSS patients report profound fatigue as the most debilitating aspect of pSS, so we are pleased that RSLV-132 was able to significantly improve fatigue in this study.”  said James Posada, PhD, chief executive officer of Resolve Therapeutics.  “These results represent a potential step forward in the treatment of Sjogren’s syndrome, Resolve will confirm the finding in a large Phase 3 study starting in early 2021.”

About Sjogren’s Syndrome
Sjogren’s syndrome is an autoimmune disease that primarily affects women, an estimated 4,000,000 American women suffer from the disease. Sjogren’s damages the salivary glands causing dry mouth, the lacrimal glands causing dry eyes, and the chronic systemic inflammation causes profound, debilitating fatigue. There is no cure for Sjogren’s and no approved therapy. Effective, safe therapy is urgently needed to address this unmet medical need.

About RSLV-132
RSLV-132 is a novel, targeted biologic drug designed to remove pro-inflammatory nucleic acids from the circulation of patients, which is one of the key triggers of multiple pro-inflammatory cascades.

About Resolve Therapeutics
Resolve Therapeutics is pioneering safe, targeted therapies for underserved autoimmune diseases with large unmet medical need. The Company’s lead compound, RSLV-132, a first-in-class investigational treatment in development for lupus and Sjogren’s syndrome. The drug eliminates the inflammatory material found in the blood of patients with autoimmune diseases, thereby preventing the activation of numerous pro-inflammatory cascades. RSLV-132 removes just the inflammatory stimulating molecules, without shutting down the immune system or interfering with key steps in the innate immune system. For more information, visit

James Posada
Resolve Therapeutics