Turnstyle Publishing Platform Engagement Statistics
May 9, 2019

Turnstyle Publishing Platform Engagement Statistics

We launched the Turnstyle platform with the hypothesis that we could help publishers engage readers with a much more efficient workflow than other products in the market, including Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite (DPS). Prior to January, Turnstyle support was limited to native apps and resulted in about a 40% increase in app session times in for publishers who switched to Turnstyle from Replica.

Golf World was the first title to launch on Turnstyle Custom Editions, which included support not only for apps, but on the web for tablet and mobile as well. Recently, we took the time to measure the mobile usage for Golf World since the switch to Turnstyle and compare it with performance prior to the switch (when each edition was in Replica format with a simplified text view).

Engagement with content is one of the easiest ways to measure the value delivered by a brand and it’s hard to overstate the value these numbers indicate. The unique users have doubled since the move to Turnstyle, readers are consuming 2.5x the number of articles on average and the total sessions are up a whopping 1300%. This has all been accomplished in a fraction of the time it would take to do with DPS or similar product. Our philosophy has always been that readers are going to choose where and when they read content – you can’t force them to use a particular platform. This is more data that shows a broader strategy works to gain readership.

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