Use Categories to Unlock Your Article’s Potential
July 31, 2019

Use Categories to Unlock Your Article’s Potential

When we introduced the Turnstyle Publishing Platform in 2016, we believed it was possible to deliver a reading experience far better than the common “replica” page model. We knew that introducing responsive, accessible HTML articles alongside those pages would lead to an improved reading experience, increased reader engagement and more flexibility for content creators. Based on the overwhelmingly positive response, it’s clear that this was something you were looking for.

We understand that you are always looking for ways to remain flexible in order to connect with audiences. One of the best ways to make content adept is with a content taxonomy. This allows you to organize your content in a way that aides in its findability and distribution. It is to this end that we are introducing content taxonomy to Turnstyle in the form of article categories.

Article categories can transform any article into flexible content, unlocking its potential and giving you added control over reader experience, tracking, and distribution.

Leverage the power of syndication

Content syndication is a powerful way to deliver content to social media platforms and news aggregators. Since article categories will each have their own RSS feed, you can easily introduce articles to your existing marketing channels.

Identify high-traffic content

We’ve integrated category tracking to our already powerful analytics engine. This allows you to measure reader engagement by category and adding valuable insight into audience behavior.

Differentiate Articles

You may have wished to style an article dynamically based on category. For example, change all roof headers in articles that belong to the “Featured” category to purple. With article categories, this is a snap. Any element that can be styled in HTML can be dynamically changed based on its category. This opens up a lot of customization potential without the need to change individual articles.

Use Categories to Unlock Your Article's Potential
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Highlight Evergreen Content

Evergreen content can play an important role in driving traffic to your website or issue. Many publishers have a significant archive of content, a large portion of which remains relevant. Adding categories to evergreen articles and leveraging syndication can add life and drive traffic to those archives.

Flexible Article Lists

The issue library is undergoing a complete redesign from the ground up. It will be completely modular, allowing for much more flexibility. One of the new standard modules will be the Article List, which will allow you to filter by category. A “Featured Articles” module could be placed at the top of your library page to highlight the stories you want your readers to see first.

Targeted Advertising

With the release of categories, publishers who leverage the power of Google Ad Manager can now target a category parameter. For instance, advertisers who wish to target only “Featured” articles now have this ability.

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